The Game

Please note that PLAYING CARDS is rated M for Mature Audiences. The game does contain:


•adult themes

•sexual references

•coarse language

•nudity – but only for those with vivid imaginations

•sex scenes – simulated only

•material which is sure to offend someone

1.Buck will have on display examples of his artwork and merchandise from The Australian Mothology Collection. Everything will be for sale or order at artist’s studio prices.

2.Buck will perform a selection of ‘cards’ from the repertoire of characters he has played over the past 20 years.

•The Guru –  The Wise One delivers some crystal clear guidance to those seeking a short-cut to success.

•Change Room – a bit like a geriatric Clark Kent trying on some new trousers in the telephone booth.

•The Man with No Name – Paranoia’s son or the child of Panic tells of his adventures in an unreal world peopled with bizarre characters such as Chemical Dependency, Safety Net, Dime a Dozen and Dr Init for the Money.

•What’s He Building in There? – Neighbourhood Watch after THAT fridge magnet.

•I’m Leaving – How not to end a relationship?

•The Bungee Jump – One way to overcome your fears.

•Monk O’Neill – Some scenes from Stretch of the Imagination, Buck’s first solo role - 1991 - under Ricardo Rusch’s expert direction. Like all so-called one-man shows the end result is due to the work of the whole production crew. And for Shed Theatre’s production Monk had the most fantastic set. Tonight you’re going to have to imagine Monk’s old tin shed, and the vista as described by Monk himself as      ‘ . . . a panorama of dust, ant hills and dead grass. Naught else. Except for the occasional bull turd.’

•Dr Blowit – Buck’s first public performance in Kuranda in 1987 as Dr Blowit explaining the proper application of a condom to a group of business men, who had come into active duty post-pill and before the onset of AIDS; ie although they had heard of condoms few had seen one.

3.Cheesecake, coffee, chocolates and chat.

Rules of the game

1.PLAYING CARDS will take place at 3 Mason Road, Kuranda (see map below for directions) on Friday nights beginning on 11 May 2007. The length of the season will be determined by ongoing demand, so get in early if you don’t want to miss out.

2.Bookings are essential as seating is restricted to 20 participants per evening. Why not book the house and have a private party. To book call Buck on 4093 7434 or email him:

3.The game begins at 8pm. Participants may BYO alcohol if they wish.

4.The game will end when it is finished.

Objectives of the game

Buck’s objective: To give each participant $20 worth of entertainment

Participant’s objective: To assess the evening’s worth and contribute to the JUDGEMENT JAR according to his/her satisfaction and means. (Note that this will be entirely voluntary and anonymous. So, if the participant thinks Buck gave a 150% effort and was successful, no one but s/he will know s/he put $30 into the container.)

Writing Acknowledgements

The Guru: Buck Richardson

Change Room: Buck Richardson

The Man with No Name: John Cale

What’s He Building in There: Tom Waits

I’m Leaving: David Foster Wallace

The Bungee Jump: Buck Richardson

Monk O’Neill: Jack Hibberd

Dr Blowit: Buck Richardson

Directions on how to get to 3 Mason Road Kuranda

Please leave vehicles parked on Mason Road and take a walk down into the magical forest following the lights for about 150 metres.