Kuranda Kreations

Eve Stafford and Buck Richardson established their partnership, Kuranda Kreations, in 1980 after moving from professional jobs in Brisbane, where they’d met in 1978. Their first task was to build their own timber house in the rainforest. Since then they have both pursued artistic careers spanning photography, graphic art, textile design, screenprinting, writing, editing and publishing, performing, and arts administration. Married to each other, their environment and their art, they are working on their next 25 year plan. On Australia Day 2007 Eve was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for services to community, particularly regional arts and culture.

New Year’s Eve 08/09

Contact details:

Postal:                        PO Box 225, Kuranda, Queensland, Australia 4881

Telephone:                 +61 7 4093 7434

Email:                        info@leapfrogoz.com.au

Web:                         www.leapfrogoz.com.au


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